How to Build a Marketplace / Multi-Vendor Website in 2021?

How to Build a Marketplace / Multi-Vendor Website in 2021?

The popularity of e-commerce marketplaces is growing exponentially.

You would have probably come across successful e-commerce marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Flipkart. Websites like Amazon have already crossed the 100 billion revenue mark.

According to BigCommerce, 48% of online shoppers navigate straight to a large e-commerce marketplace when buying something online. RioRevolution did a detailed analysis of COVID-19 impact on e-commerce and found out that the market for handcrafted items like masks and home furnishings has exploded during the pandemic, with sales spiking 146% on Etsy’s marketplace as a result. That’s the power of a marketplace website.

Even with technology and digital transformation growing at an exponential rate, building a marketplace website is not an easy task. In this blog, you will find great tips from ColorWhistle’s e-commerce team on how to make a marketplace website, the cost to develop a custom platform, and other important information.

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